Each of us began to travel at a time when the only option was to buy a tourist package. The incredible drive from moving to other countries was quickly replaced by disappointment from the limited possibilities. And we began to study all possible ways of independent movement around the world with the least expenditure, but with visiting the brightest and most interesting places. So, in different countries we had friends and acquaintances who happily showed us and told us about places where the foot of the "tourist" had not trod. And each of us thought out and made the most unique routes.At this stage our Team began to take shape. We increasingly understood that with the difference of interests (someone likes mega parties, some ruins of the Acropolis, some secluded beaches of the islands), we all had one value - travel should be accessible and interesting. With all the diversity of our planet, limit ourselves to what the tour operators offer is not interesting.
So the Dream Travel Studio team appeared.

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