TO EXECUTE A DREAM OF TRAVEL, an incredible adventure, a bold fantasy where you are the main character. This is our mission. We will help from an abundance of proposals, events and places on the Earth, find a standard, calculate the time and choose a type of recreation that meets desires, needs and dreams. The task with a bunch of unknown. Let me take care of this. And if suddenly in the archive of ready-made proposals there is no necessary option, together we will create, take into account and anticipate even unexpected moments. We guarantee full support. Cooperating with world experts, having personal travel experience in 130 countries of the world, we have become reliable operators and leaders of the niche. We are official representatives of Tomorrowland in Russia and the CIS. Our personal travel history dates back to 2003.

HELPING TO LOAD INTO THE WORLD OF ADVENTURES, enjoying, forgetting about problems, neighbors, deeds, negative news poisoning life is our task. Introducing the trip, you mentally draw a dream. Look through advertising articles, photos, call friends, find out from friends, compare. In dreams, the ideal is no problem. Why, in fact, is not the picture. Reality reveals annoying miscalculations and neglected details. Discovered "pitfalls", enough to build a pyramid. The main enemy is ignorance. Where to run. Who to call. What to do. According to statistics, 75% of the complexities are delivered by missed organizational moments - erroneous calculations for dates, time, ticket prices, stocks, insurance. Further on the list are scammers, outdated or false information, miscalculations in the flight program, when playing with dates in search of an advantageous flight, a stellar hotel. How much work. Hundreds of advertising sites, calls and negotiations, visa processing, queues, again work! Trust Dream Travel Studio. Thousands of people have already done this.

REALIZING IDEAS is our task. Recreational and business tourism. Single, family, group tours. Want to become a participant in world events or prefer the vast expanses of your native land. Visit cult festivals, concert venues, clubs, crazy night parties non-stop or retire in a hut in nature, watching the habits of wild animals ... Religious events or private conferences. Walk along the carpet or swim with scuba diving. Become a witness of the arrival of Formula 1, breathing fumes of burnt rubber or in a tuxedo to touch chips in the casino. Maybe you dream of castles, fairy-tale characters or get into the world of super heroes. To plunge into the comfortable rest of fashionable resorts, feeling like a millionaire or wander through the ruins and museums, becoming familiar with the ancient culture of these countries. Limit yourself from the crowd or enjoy your vacation in a noisy company. With Dream Travel Studio, perhaps even a miracle.

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