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We are a community of like-minded people who believe that there are no places on Earth that can not be visited. And the quality of rest is always a human factor. And only people who sincerely love to travel, can transfer their knowledge, love and charge. And we, the Dream Travel Studio team, are the ones who live by traveling, communicating and constantly expanding their geography. We are sure that for everyone you can find something that he will like: cult festivals, concert venues, clubs, crazy night parties non-stop or a secluded vacation in a hut in nature in a company of wild animals, closed conferences. Or maybe you always dreamed to go down the carpet or swim with scuba. Become a witness of the arrival of Formula 1, breathing fumes of burnt rubber or in a tuxedo to touch chips in the casino.

Maybe you dream about castles, fairy-tale characters or get into the world of super heroes. And how about the plunge into the comfortable rest of fashionable resorts, feeling like a millionaire or wandering around the ruins and museums, joining the ancient culture of these countries? Limit yourself from the crowd or enjoy your vacation in a noisy company.

Living in the twenty-first century, it's possible to create any journey! Our task is to hear your desires and together create an ideal journey, to become true friends, to learn the world, to expand our team and community of people united by common values.

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